A collection of Minecraft servers.

Connect today at cblt.me (1.8.9)

Cobalt (09project) is currently offline.


Cobalt went from a simple survival server, to a selection of varied gamemodes, to a (backdoored) survival server, and then to a laggy survival server. On February of 2020, the creator became sick of how a server he played on mistreated his favorite gamemode, and thus, 09project was born. Listed below are all of the Cobalt servers:

Unknown: A fresh install of a survival world on a free host. (Aug. 2018 - Sep. 2018)
Project Cobalt: A collection of (very broken) gamemodes. (~Sep. 2018 - ~Jan. 2019)
Cobalt: A generic survival server with land claims. Backdoored in Mar. 2019. (~Jan. 2019 - ~May 2019)
"cobalt2": A survival server with custom scripted items and mechanics. (~May 2019 - ~Jan. 2020)
09project: A 1.8.9 PvP gamemode that's inspired by CubeCraft Games' Free-For-All mode. (Feb. 2020 -)

(Extremely Basic) Rules

  • You're allowed to cheat, just don't get caught while in the process of doing so. ;)
  • Spamming and advertising via public chat or in-game messages are not allowed.


Cobalt has a Discord server that's recently been brought back from the dead. This is where most announcements are posted.